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Tole Friends
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Poems written by members

Tolefriend, Tolefriends
Our online  artists' group;
Where we have more fun
Than chickens in a coop.
Learning to paint and
Sharing tips galore.
All questions answered
Who could ask for more?

The Board works quietly
We don't hear them striving.
But working they are
Because Tolefriends is thriving.
So many web pages
So much is available
Whatever we want,
the info's e-mailable.

The board, oh! the BOARD
What wonderful friends
Dreaming up projects
Without any ends.
They keep coming up
With things we can do
Classes and chats
And a great mall too.

Annie's the boss,
Our leader of course.
Where would we be
without her driving force?
She keeps us in line
And makes us behave
She has all the answers
Long may she wave.

Remember the cookbook?
All the work it involved?
Karen typed all of it,
The problems were solved!
Let's not forget
The man in her life,
How did he manage
With a part-time wife?

Members from everywhere
All over the Earth
We're mostly ladies,
But men also share worth.
Big brushes are here
Little brushes as well
And everyone of us
Has a story to tell.

So Tolfriends, dear Tolefriends
Please hear me cry,
Don't ever close doors
Please don't say "goodbye"
Every evening as I sit here
just me, my PC and phone
I know you're all out there
And so I'm never all alone.

Patti Welsh
Port Charlotte, FL

"My Tolefriends & Me" A Tribute---Jan. 2003 Brenda S. Rickman
In written words on a screen of white
The letters dance, in through the night
With the point and click of our little mouse
We bring the world to our own little house

Of ups and downs we write about
Sometimes we laugh, at times we shout
We bare our pain, our souls are seen
We share our joys and in betweens

Of who we study and are learning from
Of a problem painting, to Tolefriends we come
With life and woes, both big and small
With trust and faith, we share it all

We ask our friends a question one
Fast as a flash, the answers come
Cries of help to fix that little frustrating ding
Solutions fly in, all is well with everything

With love and care the answers many
What cost you ask, None, not any!
A simple thank you is all they ask
A promise to share is our only task

Give of yourself what they are giving
Spread the wonder and the joy of living
Tell all you know to come and see
All the love there is with ...... My Tolefriends and Me!

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and is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Work is done by a volunteer committee;
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